Friday, August 30, 2013

Saturday- 31 Aug 2013 "Hotshots 19"

Honoring more Heroes at Centurion

  "Hotshots 19"

6 Rounds for time of:
  • 30 Squats
  • 19 Power clean (135/95)
  • 7 Strict Pull-ups
  • Run 400 meters

Nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots firefighting team tragically lost their lives on June 30, 2013 while fighting a fire in Yarnell, AZ. Here is where you can make a donation to support the families of the lost heroes. Your support will be collected by the CrossFit Kids Foundation where 100% of the donations will be distributed to the families

Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 30, 2013: Happy Friday!

Class schedule for Friday 30 August: 0930 and 1730 ONLY. 
Class for 31 August: 1000 
Class for 2 September: 0930 ONLY

Have a FUN and SAFE Labor Day weekend, Centurions!!

Warm Up:
500 m row/400 m run
Burgener Warm up with PVC
15 Power snatch with PVC/15# bar
15 Front squat with PVC/15# bar
15 Push press with PVC/15# bar
15 burpees

Every Minute on The Minute (EMOTM) for 10 minutes:
5 reps Power Snatch
Goal is to do all 10 rounds with 5 unbroken reps at an efficient weight

Power snatch efficiency video

Front Squat (115/75) (95/55) (75/35)
Push press (115/75) (95/55) (75/35)

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 29, 2013: Evens and Odds

Attention 0530 class: due to the Grand Prix run Thursday morning, anyone who parks in the lot at Kieschnick gym will not be able to leave the parking lot until after 8 AM. Please plan to park in the barracks lot across the street. 

Friday (8/30) is a training holiday. Classes will be held at 0930 and 1730 ONLY. 
Saturday (8/31) Coach Christy will be holding a WOD at 10 AM
Monday (9/2) class is TBD.

500 m row/400 m run
15 kettlebell swings (light)
15 pull ups 
15 ring dips


10 rounds
A new round starts every 3 minutes:
12 calorie row
10 kettlebell swings (70/53) (53/35) (35/25)
10 chest to bar pull-ups (even rounds)
10 ring dips (odd rounds)

For example: 
Round 1: 12 calorie row, 10 KB swings, 10 ring dips
Round 2: 12 calorie row, 10 KB swings 10 chest to bar pull ups

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

August 28, 2013: Karen

500 m row/400 m run
Burgener warmup with PVC
15 squat cleans with PVC/15# bar
15 push jerks with PVC/15# bar
15 wall balls

Clean & Jerk touch and go

150 wall balls for time (20/14) 
Men: 10 ft target
Women: 8 ft target

Monday, August 26, 2013

August 27th: "Tommy Mac"

500 m row/400 m run
10 burpees
10 thrusters with PVC/15# bar
10 power snatch with PVC/15# bar
10 push jerks with PVC/15# bar
10 hang squat cleans with PVC/15# bar
10 OHS with PVC/15# bar
10 burpees

"Tommy Mac"
Sergeant Thomas R. MacPherson
KIA October 12, 2012
Sgt. Thomas R. MacPherson, 26, was killed by enemy forces during a heavy firefight while conducting combat operations in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan. He was leading an assault against an enemy position when he was mortally wounded by small arms fire.

MacPherson was a team leader assigned to Company D, Second Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. He previously served one deployment to Iraq and this was his 4th deployment to Afghanistan.

MacPherson is survived by his wife, Claudia MacPherson, and their son, Brayden, of Tacoma, WA and his parents Troy and Diona MacPherson of Long Beach.  
2 rounds for time:
12 burpees
12 thrusters (115/75) (95/55) (75/35)
12 burpees
12 power snatch (115/75) (95/55) (75/35)
12 burpees
12 push jerks (115/75) (95/55) (75/35)
12 burpees
12 hang squat cleans (115/75) (95/55) (75/35)
12 burpees
12 over head squats (115/75) (95/55) (75/35)

The following statement is from Tommy’s former Platoon Leader…
The whole thing with Tommy is that he embodies everything that’s right about Ranger Battalion. He held the position of Ranger Team Leader which is literally the tip of the spear. He was the consummate, quiet professional—he expected absolutely zero recognition for what he did. He loved his job because he was a born protector. He was perfectly content to carry out his life’s work under the cover of darkness, with his and his comrades’ actions to remain forever under the cloak of shadows. He died doing what he loved; protecting all of us. What stood out about Tommy the most was his maturity beyond his years. I believe it was the fact that he was the older brother of younger siblings, but like another Sgt. said “Tommy wasn’t one of those guys who joined the Army and grew into a man. He joined as a man and grew others.” He left behind his beautiful wife, Claudia MacPherson, and their son, Brayden.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Monday August 26th: Are you ready for this?

Remember: there will be NO 0530 class today because it's the first day of school! Good luck to all the Centurion kids (young and old) headed back to school! :)
Noon and 1730 classes will run as scheduled.

Warm up:
500 m row/400 m run
Shoulder mobility
15 Push press with PVC/15# training bar
15 split jerk with PVC/15# training bar
15 pull ups
15 ring dips
Muscle up progression

Split Jerk
(work to find your 3 rep maximum)


30 Muscle ups for time

Friday, August 23, 2013

24 August 2013- Saturday: Squat Burpee!


Crossfit Games 2013 Team Event Squat Burpee

Centurion Version 

Teams of two complete:

Three rounds for time of:

30 Squats with a barbell shouldered (switch shoulders after each squat)
30 Burpees over barbell (each person is on the same side to begin and each persons chest much touch the ground together before standing)

Weights on the barbell- (135/95)(115/75)(95/65)

**barbell must be cleaned to the shoulder, not racked** 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 23, 2013: Double WOD Friday!

Reminder: please take time at the end of the WOD to clean up and clean off your equipment. This includes wiping down your bars and any chalk on the floor or equipment after use. Throw away your trash, organize your weights when putting them away, return equipment to the same location you picked it up from, etc.  Please do not use hand chalk to mark rounds on the floor or any other type of writing on the floor. We provide you with pennies to keep track of your rounds. 
Thank you! 
Centurion coaches

Repeat 2x
500 m run/400 m row
15 PVC deadlifts (or use 15# bar)
15 ab mat situps

WOD 1:

3 rounds for time:
10 Deadlifts (315/225) (295/205) (275/185)
30 GHD situps

Rest 5 minutes

WOD 2:

4 rounds:
Row 500 m 
Rest 1 minute

Score will be slowest round

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

August 22, 2013: Barbell and bodyweight

400 m run/500 m row
Burgener warmup
15 Snatch with PVC or 15# bar
15 pull ups
15 burpees

Video: Chad Vaughn 285 lb snatch

(Squat) Snatch 


5 rounds for time:
12 chest to bar pull-ups
12 burpees

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wednesday August 21, 2013: "DT"

400 m run/500 m row
Burgener warmup
15 PVC or 15# bar hang power cleans
15 PVC or 15# bar Push Jerks
15 PVC or 15# bar Deadlifts


Photo from

In honor of USAF SSgt Timothy P. Davis, 28, who was killed on Feburary, 20 2009 supporting operations in OEF when his vehicle was struck by an IED. Timothy is survived by his wife Megan and one-year old son T.J.

5 Rounds for time:
12 deadlifts (155/105) (135/95) (115/75)
9 hang power cleans (155/105) (135/95) (115/75)
6 push jerks (155/105) (135/95) (115/75)
1 bar for all three movements. Scale accordingly. 

Monday, August 19, 2013

August 20, 2013: What's like Cindy but isn't Cindy?

Repeat 2x
500 m row/ 400 m run
15 pull ups
15 push ups
15 air squats

Shoulder and hip mobility: Coaches' Choice


Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes:
5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 air squats

Post last round completed within the minute. After you can no longer complete the round within the minute, treat the rest of the time as an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Monday August 19th

400 m run/500 m row
15 Air squats
15 back squats w/ 15# bar or PVC
15 front squats w/ 15# bar or PVC
15 pull-ups
15 Toes to bar
15 ab-mat situps

20 unbroken back squats at around 60% of your 1 Rep Max
You cannot re-rack the bar and should not rest for minutes at a time. 

15 minute AMRAP
6 Front Squat (185/135) (165/115) (135/95)
12 Toes to bar
24 Sit ups

Friday, August 16, 2013

Saturday- August 17th 2013

Crossfit Games Team Event 

***Teams of 4***

Each member completes the following as a relay (men first, women follow)

15 Thrusters (95 / 65 lbs)(85 / 55)(75 / 45)
3 Legless Rope Climbs
12 Thrusters (95 / 65 lbs)(85 / 55)(75 / 45)
2 Legless Rope climbs
9 Thrusters (95 / 65 lbs)(85 / 55)(75 / 45)
1 Legless rope climb

*As per the Games, you can not use your legs to ascend or descend down the rope. The rope can not wrap around your legs, that will count as a no rep. No holding the rope between your thighs either, that is a no rep. Check your ego on this one. Real tough.*

**scale for rope climbs will be regular rope climbs. If you do not have a regular rope climb, robe arm climbs from the floor (3:1) are the next scaling option**

**Coach Christy will not be there tomorrow as she will be cheering on some of our Centurion Athletes in a competition in San Antonio! So you guys better kick some butt for her!!!****






Thursday, August 15, 2013

Friday August 16th

400 m run/500 m row
15 air squats
15 push ups
15 pull ups
15 burpees


Bring all of these! You may need some or all of these for the WOD!

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 15, 2013

Run 400m/row 500m
15 front squats with PVC
15 push press with PVC
15 pull-ups 



1000m row
50 Thrusters (45/30) (30/15) (15/PVC)
30 pull-ups 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wednesday August 14

Double WOD Wednesday!

400 m run/500 m row
Burgener warmup with PVC
15 power cleans with PVC (or 15# training bar)
15 push press with PVC
15 push jerk with PVC
15 burpees


For time:
3 rounds
10 power cleans (155/105) (135/95) (115/75)
10 burpees

Rest 5 minutes

For time:
3 rounds 
10 push jerk (155/105) (135/95) (115/75) 
10 burpees

You will clean the bar from the ground for each set of push jerks.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tuesday August 13, 2013

400 m run/500 m row
15 air squats
15 PVC back squats
15 ab mat situps
20 double unders


For time:

Tabata backsquat to 100 (95/65) (75/45) (55/30)
(20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest, repeated until you hit 100 repetitions of back squats)
Ab mat sit ups
Double unders

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Monday August 12, 2013

A lil' bit of this, lil' bit of that

500 m row/400 m run
15 deadlifts with PVC
15 Sumo deadlift high pull
20 walking lunges (each leg counts as 1)
15 box jumps

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
3 Deadlifts
Weight should be around 75% of your 1 rep maximum

For time:

Lunges with bar in the front rack position (95/65) (75/45) (55/30)
Sumo Deadlift High Pull (use same bar as lunges)
Box jumps (24"/20") (20"/18")

Friday, August 9, 2013

I-didnt-arod! - 10 August 2013

Games Team Event 1
"The Burden Run"

For time:
Run 2.1 miles
Women flip the Pig 50 yards while men carry four 45lb plates
Men add the weight and flip the Pig 50 yards
650 yard Worm carry

Drag the Iditarod 66 yards for time
In Team Iditarod 1, 135 pounds is on the sled.
In Team Iditarod 2, 180 pounds is on the sled.
In Team Iditarod 3, 225 pounds is on the sled.

Centurion Style 

Teams of 4 (2 male, 2 female if we can)
Run 1 mile
2 team members flip tire 50 meters while other two team members hold 45# plate then switch (other two flip and the other two hold plates)
Team Tire (or log) carry 400 meters


each team member at a time will pull a sled 50 meters consisting of different weights

1 team member will pull 95#
1 team member will pull 115#
1 team member will pull 135#
1 team member will pull 155#

Switch on and off. Team members not pulling will have to make sure the weights are in the correct spots and placed on the sleds prior to next person pulling.



Thursday, August 8, 2013

Friday August 9th The burpee warm up is BACK!

Sorry for the late notice, Centurions! 0530 class will be canceled for Friday August 9th. Class will resume Monday morning! 

Reminder: today (August 9th) is the last day for 0930 due to low attendance. 
Other class options are: 0530, noon, 1730 and 1930 (Tuesdays/Thursdays only-- please see a coach to sign up for 1930.)

500 m row
15 front squats (PVC)
15 thrusters (PVC)
Coaches' Song Choice Burpee Warmup



10 Rounds for time:
12 calorie row
8 Thrusters (95/65) (75/45) (55/30)
8 burpees

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thursday August 8, 2013 Time to clean!

Remember Centurions as of Monday August 12th, there will not be a 0930 class due to low attendance. However, on Tuesdays/Thursdays, Sasha is coaching a 1930 (7:30 PM) class. We'd like to expand that class, if enough athletes attend. 

500 m run/400 m row
30 double unders
Burgener warmup
15 Hang Power Cleans with PVC
15 Bench press with 15 lb training bar

Hang Power Cleans (155/105) (135/95) (115/75)

Close Grip Bench Press 

Close grip is shoulder width, or slightly narrower, however don't bring your hands in too close and risk injuring your wrists.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Wednesday August 7, 2013 Bring your ropes!

Run 400 m or row 500 m
10 pass throughs
Shoulder mobility
15 PVC push press
20 double unders

Kelly Starrett Shoulder mobility video

5 rounds for time:
15 push press (135/95) (115/75) (95/55) 
Bar must be cleaned from the floor 
30 double unders (attempts count, or 90 singles)
15 Toes to Bar
30 double unders (or 90 singles)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tuesday August 6, 2013 FifTY or FifTEEN? ....Both!!

500 m row/400 m run
15 pass throughs
Shoulder mobility
Muscle up progression

For time:
50 GHD sit-ups
15 Push jerk (185/115) (155/95) (135/75)
50 burpees
15 muscle-ups (scale to 3-1 pull ups and ring dips)
50 box jumps (30/24) (24/20) (20/12)
15 squat cleans (185/115) (155/95) (135/75)

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Monday August 5, 2013 Ten minutes -- three times!

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the 31 Heroes WOD this weekend!
Reminder: effective August 12th, 0930 class will be canceled, primarily due to low attendance. Class options are 0530, noon, 1730 and on Tuesdays/Thursdays 1930. We may add classes in the future as attendance and coaches' schedules permit.
500 m row/400 m run
Burgener warmup (with PVC)
15 squat snatch (with PVC)
15 medicine ball cleans
15 PVC cleans
Skill Work
Squat snatch
Clean and Jerk
10 minutes to work to 1 rep maximum of snatch
10 minutes to work to 1 rep maximum of clean and jerk
EMOM (every minute on the minute) for 10 minutes
80% of your 1 rep max of EITHER snatch or clean & jerk

Friday, August 2, 2013

31 HEROES EVENT - 3 AUG 2013

“31 Heroes”

AMRAP 31 minutes (As Many Reps As Possible)
8 Thrusters (155/105#)(135/95)(115/75)
6 Rope Climbs (15 ft. ascent)
11 Box Jumps (30/24″)(24/20")

This is a Partner WOD – Partner #1 will perform the work listed above. Partner #2 will run 400m with a sandbag (45/25). Once Partner #2 returns from the run, Partner #1 will grab the sandbag and begin their 400m, while Partner #2 continues work wherever #1 left off.

Score is your total # of reps

This WOD was created specifically to honor the 30 men and one dog that gave their lives for our country on August 6, 2011. It is 31 minutes long—one minute in remembrance of each hero. The rep scheme is 8-6-11—the date of their ultimate sacrifice. Finally, this is a partner WOD. The men who gave their lives were from multiple branches of our military, working together as a team. In the workout you and your team member will constantly be taking the load from each other providing much needed support and relief. We realize that no physical sacrifice made during a workout can come close to the sacrifice our brave heroes made, but we consider this WOD a CrossFitters “moment of silence.” This is how we can honor those that gave all in the name of freedom.

 ***Pictures from Centuurion's 31 Heroes Event last year***

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August 2, 2013 "The face that launched a thousand ships"

Due to the training holiday, classes will only be held at 0930 and 1200.
500 m row/400 m run
Pull-ups skill work
Kettlebell skill work

3 rounds for time:
400 m run
21 kettlebell swings (53/35) (35/25) (25/20# dumbbell)
12 pull-ups