Sunday, August 30, 2009

Monday WOD

It is finally time for what most people see as the most infamous Crossfit WOD
95# Thrusters
Pull Ups

Thanks Coach and Jimi!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Friday's WOD

For time:

50 box jumps
5 rope climbs
50 kb swings (m – 1.5 pood / w – 1 pood)
50 burpees
50 db hang power cleans (m – 40# / w – 30#)
50 KTE
800m run

The 800m run must come last but the rest do not have to be done in order. This will prevent too much of a backlog.

Don't forget that Coach will be by the box sometime after 1300. Stick around and tell him what you think of Crossfit and your box.

If you are coming to the O-Club to help set the equipment up, Dave will be there about 0900. Bring some old towels as the bars will be coated in cosmoline (grease) and will have be wiped down.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Help Wanted

Calling all Centurion Crossfiters,
Hey guys great news we have more kit, but we might need some help to set up. The set up will be Friday AM and Saturday all day. Please email me or Don if you can help we'll give you the details.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wednesday's WOD

Run 400m then 4 rds for time of:

25 pull ups
10 push jerks (m - 135#/w- 80#)

Please watch the video for an explanation of the push jerk. We will run everyone through the push jerk quickly and then hit the WOD.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday's Results

Great work today! The class is getting HUGE - hard to believe we used to only have Leslie in the class!!

A couple of admin notes - in order to participate in the Fight Gone Bad workout on 26 Sep, you MUST raise some money. There is no minimum - you can raise $1.00 or $1,000.00 but you must raise something to execute the WOD. We are getting PAO involved and it will be a great event that you don't want to miss!

Finally, don't forget that will will be fortunate enough to have Coach here this Friday. He should be in the box shortly after Friday's WOD as part of his tour of the Resiliency Campus with LTG Lynch. Stick around and say hello and let him know what you think of CrossFit and your box.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Monday's WOD

Coach is coming....

AMRAP in 20 Minutes:

20 Double Unders (or 80 singles)

10 SDHP (m - 75# / w - 50#)

5 Pull-ups

Saturday, August 22, 2009

How to win friends and influence Paleo

Great post by Melissa Byers :

Welcome to the new people who are just jumping on board now. In fact, all of you newcomers inspired today's post... better late than never, right?

Today, I'd like to talk about one of the first struggles you'll most likely hit when you start practicing this new way of eating. No, I'm not talking about the cravings, or the energy fluctuations, or even the grocery bills. I'm talking about the negative reactions of your friends and family. "You're eating all that fat? That can't be good for you." Or, "That's like Atkins, right? That's just a fad diet." Or, "It so restrictive - you can't eat anything!" I'm sure you've all heard these statements and then some since you began your 30 day period. And Oprah knows, it can be tough enough to stick out the 30 days on your own, never mind if you have to defend yourself against the negative reactions, doubts and criticisms of your spouses, friends and co-workers. So what's a 30 day'er to do? Here are some of my best tips for dealing with the nay-sayers (in a way that won't get you divorced, de-friended or fired).

Lead by quiet example. This one is first for a reason, people, and it's your most powerful ally. Your results will speak for themselves. After 30 days, when your energy is rockin', your skin is clear, your aches and pains are gone and you've shed some fat or built some muscle, people will notice, and they will ask you what you've been doing. It's kind of hard to doubt the method when the results are right there in front of them. So let your experience shine through, answer questions if asked but don't waste your breath trying to convince, cajole or persuade others before they're ready. Just be a living example of what this way of eating could potentially do for them.

Pick your battles. I guarantee one thing - you can make people feel bad about themselves just by rolling up to the lunch table. The way you eat may very well remind people that they aren't eating the way they should, or could, or might want to. As such, they're on the defensive the minute you plop your salmon and vegetables next to their Lean Cuisines. Now is not the time to point out the dangers of grains, or comment on the study you just read linking diet soda to obesity. Keep your lunch to yourself, and encourage others to do the same by not responding to blatant pokes, jabs or attacks on your "weird diet". If someone is truly interested, have the conversation away from the crowd, when you can speak privately and not be interrupted by the haters.

Educate yourself. You know you'll have to deal with questions, comments and straight-up challenges from time to time, so you'd better be prepared. If I asked you right now, "Why don't you eat dairy?", how many of you would have an immediate answer for me? That answer could range from the documented inflammatory properties to the fact that as soon as you stopped, your skin cleared up - anything from reference to personal experience. The point is - you'd better have an answer - and it can't just be, "Because Byers said so." (Although I really like that answer.) So, do your homework. Figure out the difference between Atkins and Paleo. Learn why certain foods are excluded. Understand how a diet high in good fats helps promote body fat loss. Prepare some remarks based on your own experience. Just don't show up empty-handed, because if you do, you'll lose any chance you may have had to get the other party to buy in. (And if that other party is your Mom who shops for all the food, your husband who cooks all the food or your roommate who pays for half the food, you really can't afford to lose that chance.) On that note, however...

Refer to "scientific evidence" cautiously. I'm not saying you shouldn't research and cite information from the likes of Loren Cordain, Robb Wolf or Gary Taubes. What I am saying, however, is that for every science-y article you find that talks about, say, why dairy is bad... there are a hundred just as science-y articles that will say the exact opposite. My recommendation? Unless you're totally on the ball with scientific references (and able to smartly refute the opposing side on the fly), don't let the scientific research be the only leg you choose to stand on. Refer back to point #1 - lead by example, and cite REAL people who have had REAL results. Hell, point 'em here. We're not a clinical study - we've got thousands of comments (literally) from real people who can attest to the real benefits of eating this way. Kind of hard to argue with all that, you would think. Which brings me to my final point...

When outnumbered, fall back. You may very well find yourself stuck in a battle that you just can't win. It's a family dinner, your parents, siblings and children are at the table and you're being hammered with doubts, skepticism and outright criticism. Take a deep breath, smile and simply fall back. In the end, the only person whose health and wellness you are responsible for is YOU. And while it may pain you to see the unhealthy behaviours exhibited by your friends and family, ultimately, they are responsible for their own lives, and their own choices. So rather than spark a bitter feud or ruin a birthday party, swallow your ego, your pride and your frustration and simply say, "Well, this is actually kind of working for me right now, but I hear what you're saying and I really appreciate your thoughts. Now let's get back to enjoying this delicious meal!" Sometimes, that's all you can do... and that's okay. Refer back to point #1... if people are open to change, eventually THEY will come to YOU, and you'll get that opportunity to help them.

I hope some of these ideas clear a wider path for your 30-day and beyond journey. I'm sure some of you have also arrived at your own strategies for dealing with negative reactions to all of the wonderful and healthy changes you are making in your life. Share them here with us, so that we can all learn and benefit from some of the difficult and painful conversations you may have had along the way. And, as always, thanks for reading, and thanks for contributing. My community rocks, and I'm super proud to be your hostess.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fridays WOD

Were in a Basketball gym so lets have some fun

AMRAP in 20 min
1 Suicide
8 Dumbell Thrusters

I will have the areas marked for the suicide and for the thrusters pick your own weight. You want it to be heavy and push you but remember your body will respond diffrent with dumbells than it does with bars

Please be on time or early becuase the trainers have a meeting at 1 pm and have to be there so we will be finishing up at 1245 to make it on time

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wednesday's WOD

10 rounds for time of:

7 Kettlebell Swings (men - 1.5 pood / women - 1 pood)
7 Ring Dips
7 Box Jumps (men - 24" / women - 20")

I have been poor about getting the times posted lately and will start doing better!

I am about to create a separate Fight Gone Bad page that will have instructions and the link for registering. Don't wait to get those emails out and start raising money. We are the 64th affiliate out of 293 and have raised $1,100.00!!! WELL DONE!! I KNOW we can be the top military affiliate in all of CrossFit - lets do it!!

Raise a measley $150.00 and this t-shirt is yours!

Check out team standings here:

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Monday's WOD

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

4 Thrusters (men - 115# / women - 75#)
8 Burpee Box Jumps (men - 24" / women - 20")

OK, the Centurion CrossFit member who raises the most money for FGB gets a free slot to our upcoming gymnastics cert - as soon as I have our Level 1 cert locked in - I will sweeten the deal!!!

(Dave and I are not eligible to win these prizes)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Fight Gone Bad 4 Posters are in!!

OK guys, we are just over a month out - sign up, shoot out your emails and raise some money!! I talked to some people from the hospital today - how about having some actual wounded warriors there to cheer you on, while you are doing FGB?? See who you are raising the money for.

DON'T sleep on this event - it's for the most important cause out there!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Friday's WOD

For Time:

40 sit-ups

40 Deadlift (185# men / 125# women)

400m Run

30 sit-ups

30 DL

400m Run

20 sit-ups

30 DL

400m Run

10 sit-ups

10 DL

400 m Run

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wednesday's WOD

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

10 wall balls
5 knees to elbows
20 double unders

There has been a change to class times. The morning classes won't start until 21 Aug and they will be at 0930 now.

The evening Foundations class will still start Monday 24 Aug at 1730.

Also, Alicia has hooked us up!! The maker of our wall balls is from near by and she has coordinated a visit there, complete with some training from them!!

She talked with Rick at Dynamax in Buda TX. He shared that he and Jim could do the training the first Sat in Sept (5 Sept)...also a holiday weekend. The training will last about 4 hours and begin around 0900. She said it would be OK to also open up the training to some of the crossfit regulars.

We need to get an initial head count by tomorrow so let me know if you plan to attend. Bring some money for a new med ball too!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Monday's WOD

For time:

400m run

50 squats

400m run

40 GHD sit-ups

400m run

30 push-ups

400m run

20 wall balls

400m run

10 burpees

Beginning August 24, we will be having a Foundations class at 1730 (5:30 pm) Mondays and Wednesdays run by Alicia!

Beginning Wednesday August 12th we will be having a morning class at 0900 run by Erin and Reagan. I know the poll showed a preference for classes from 0700 to 0800 but that will not be possible due to the CrossFit study we are about to engage in. The box will be tied up daily until at least 0730. This also seems to be a better time with school about to pick back up. Most of the moms should be able to drop the kids off and then hit the WOD!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

New Class Times!!

Beginning August 24, we will be having a Foundations class at 1730 (5:30 pm) Mondays and Wednesdays run by Alicia!

Beginning Wednesday August 12th we will be having a morning class at 0900 run by Erin and Reagan. I know the poll showed a preference for classes from 0700 to 0800 but that will not be possible due to the CrossFit study we are about to engage in. The box will be tied up daily until at least 0730. This also seems to be a better time with school about to pick back up. Most of the moms should be able to drop the kids off and then hit the WOD!!

The pictures from the LumberJack WOD are up on the blog and Facebook - check them out!

Here is a good link with some tutorials:

Awesome job today everyone and I was glad we were able to accommodate you guys with the two WOD times.

Enlarge the picture for the results:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tomorrow's Times

Due to popular demand, we will have two WODs tomorrow!! One at 0900 with Andy and on at noon with Dave.

Same great WOD, now at two different times!! It's fantastical!!

Heavy Work

Ok guy we have done a couple Metcons this week and need to hit the weights again. So tomorrow is going to be heavy.

12 Deadlifts
15 Hang Power Cleans
18 Front Squats
21 Push Jerks
18 Front Squats
15 Hang Power Cleans
12 Deadlifts

Men - 135
Women - 95

Scaling will be allowed but remember this is about working heavy and building bigger stronger muscles. If you pick a weight that you never have to sit down you went too light.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WOD for Lumberjack Challenge Tomorrow

For time:

400m med ball run (men - 20# / women 14#)

20 pull-ups
20 box jumps
20 burpees
20 push press (men - 75# / women - 55#)
20 kettle-bell swings (men - 1.5 pood / women 1 pood)
20 double unders
20 sdhp (men - 75# / women - 55#)
20 wallball (men - 20# 10 ft target / women - 14# 8 ft target)

run 200m forward
run 200m backward

20 pull-ups
20 box jumps
20 burpees
20 push press (men - 75# / women - 55#)
20 kettle-bell swings (men - 1.5 pood / women 1 pood)
20 double unders
20 sdhp (men - 75# / women - 55#)
20 wallball (men - 20# 10 ft target / women - 14# 8 ft target)

400m med ball run (men - 20# / women 14#)

Also, check out this article - it talks about CrossFit in this area and some of our CrossFitters!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The gym is closed tomorrow!

What? Closed...that's right - they are putting in the rest of the flooring!! The Wellness Center will be closed tomorrow and Thursday and hopefully back open for our WOD on Friday.

Don't forget about joining Lumberjack for the WOD Thursday morning - let me know if you are going to make it!

We will do our WOD at Hood Stadium - it will be:

The Broomstick Mile:

With PVC, perform the following for time:
25 Back Squats
25 Front Squats
25 Overhead Squats
Run 400 m
25 Shoulder Press
25 Push Press
25 Push Jerk
Run 400 m
50 Squat Cleans
Run 400 m
50 Snatch
Run 400m
CrossFit grabs some press in the Army Times:

Great job on the WOD - that was definitely a good one and one we will repeat! My legs are crying today!

For all of you interested, Lumberjack CrossFit has invited us to do their end of the month CrossFit challenge again - it will be this Thursday am around 0700. Several of us did this a couple of months ago and had a blast!

As an added bonus, PAO will be there filming it for III Corps. I have submitted a WOD for approval and as soon as the WOD is confirmed, I'll post it. This is a great opportunity to get out and have some fun with fellow CrossFitters on post and enjoy some good competition. Let me know if you want to do it and I will give them our head count.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Monday's WOD

For time:

150 thrusters (men - 65# / women - 45#)

Hey, we are looking at having additional classes during the day - the million dollar question is what time??? So, please take a look at the poll and let me know what you think. Thanks!