Mission, Vision, and Goals

To forge the most comprehensive health and fitness training on Fort Hood, which prepares each athlete for any physical task, including the unknown and the unknowable. Centurion CrossFit will consistently strive to build a disciplined, standards-based, CrossFit Affiliate which strives for the true essence of fitness in a results-based and peer-driven atmosphere. While catering to a military community, our aim is to provide a very diverse and specific service to all Fort Hood Service members and their families. Our trainers will ensure a safe, healthy and non-threatening environment in which all who participate can reach peak fitness.


  • To be the primer provider of CrossFit strength and conditioning workouts on Fort Hood for DOD service members and their families.

  • To serve the Fort Hood community as subject matter experts on CrossFit’s evolving training methodology by providing Units, Soldiers, and Families a fitness program that challenges everyone.  A program that can be observed, measured, and repeated over time to realize tangible results!

  • Develop programming that safely introduces new and experienced athletes to a variety of skills sets while simultaneously increasing capacity in the ten recognized fitness domains to support improvement in general physical preparedness
  • Be a disciplined, non-profit, ALL volunteer supported CrossFit Affilitate rooted in fundamentals.

  • Introduce service members and their families to CrossFit’s aims, methodology, and prescription while serving as subject matter experts in sound nutrition.

  • Tell our athletes “stories of success” through our websites, social media sites, client networking, and active participation in Fort Hood physical fitness programs.

  • Prepare our athletes to activity participate in both CrossFit and fitness related events throughout the Central Texas Area in conjunction with local CrossFit Affiliates and other fitness programs.

  • Promote CrossFit and its concepts through social media, affiliate website, and a grassroots approach throughout the post by participating in Fort Hood community events and activities.


  • To introduce Service members and their families to CrossFit’s aims, methodology, and prescription to improve an athlete’s general physical preparedness (GPP).

  • To listen to our athlete’s individual needs and help them to set and achieve reasonable health and fitness goals over time.

  • To provide a “box” that allows athletes of all abilities and skill levels to work out in a fun, safe and open atmosphere.

  • To provide scalable programming that develops athletes to their fullest potential.

  • To continually seek out new ways of training and new skills.

  • To provide our volunteer trainers access to trainer development sessions to assist them in becoming the best they can be.

  • To provide the necessary equipment to train athletes in a safe and efficient manner.

  • To hold fund-raisers for good causes, have fun workouts when the occasion permits, and to socialize after WODing when time permits.

  • To be good stewards of our equipment, our space, and maintain a team relationship with our co-located fitness programs.

  • We will strive to make this “box” a place where people want to go and want to bring their friends, families and co-workers.

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