Box Rules

"Rules of the Box"

Check “it” at the door! We mean your ego!  CrossFit has the magical ability to make egos disappear.

Be a disciplined athlete!  Clean-up after yourself, put all your equipment back where it belongs when done and neatly store your personal gear around the footlockers.

Encourage others around you; Cheer, clap, and motivate others through the completion of a workout. Understand we all work tight schedules but try to stay until every athlete finishes a WOD!

Put forth you best effort every time; perform every repetition correctly, hold yourself accountable for correct or incorrect reps performed and consistently log your results.

Perform all movements safely; scale when necessary and refer to rule #1 when you form begins to suffer or when the RX weight is too heavy.  Trainers will “assist” when they see unsafe movements.  Please don’t take it personally.

Nutrition is your foundation for fitness; hold yourself accountable for how you eat.  As you demonstrated discipline during a WOD, be disciplined with what you put into your body.  See a trainer for more specifics.

Show up early, stay late. CrossFit is more than just an hour of working out.  The Crossfit community is a unique culture and team.  You’ll find you have a lot in common with your fellow athletes.

Have fun. Yes, you’re going to work harder than you thought possible.  Yes, it’ll hurt.  So what?  Recognize this is a small inconvenience to getting better every day.

You must get 6-8 hours sleep every night! Seriously!  This is where you will make your gains.  Sleep is like an express train for recovery.  Get as much as possible.

Get involved. Centurion Crossfit is a ALL-Volunteer Affiliate!  Our trainers volunteer their time because Crossfit is our passion and we love to see others succeed!  We are a family and you can get as involved as you like. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve, we would love to hear them!

Do NOT drop a naked bar unless you fail a lift or fall.. Dropping a naked bar will result in a 5 burpee penalty, after the WOD. drop once 5 burpees, drop twice 10 burpees!

Showing up late to class will result in a 10 burpee penalty. don't be late!

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