Class Schedule

Class Schedule:

Mon thru Fri 0515-0615
Mon thru Fri 1130-1300 Open Gym
Mon thru Fri 1730-1830
Sat: Normal Class 10:30 (1st Saturday of the Month Foundations Class 0830-1030)
Sun: Closed

CrossFit Classes are located at 
Bldg 2612 in the 3 Corps Motor pool
Off of Hell on Wheels, first right after 62nd st
last building on the right
POVs are allowed in the motor pool area

Foundations Class
First Saturday of the Month (Subject to change based on coach availability and Holidays) from 0830-1030

Please email  CENTURIONCROSSFIT@GMAIL.COM for any questions or concerns.

Centurion CrossFit Fort Hood requires all athletes new to CrossFit attend our CrossFit Foundations Class held usually the first Saturday of the month from 0830-1030. We generally accommodate about 20 athletes at every Foundations class.The class will introduce all new athletes to the 9 Foundational Movements of CrossFit (Air Squat, Front Squat, Overhead Squat, Shoulder Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, the Deadlift, Sumo Deadlift High Pull and the Medicine Ball Clean).  Introduction to these movements is paramount to ensure you get the most out of the class and most importantly to ensure the safety of all athletes. We also briefly discuss the class expectations, Rules of the Box, and how to make the most of your CrossFit Experience.  

Foundations can be waived if and only if an athlete is joining our classes from a registered CrossFit affiliate.  Another option is receive a Foundations class from a for profit affiliate off post.  In this case we require you to ask the coach who gave you the foundations class to email us to verify you have taken Foundations at their respective box.

What are Foundations?  Click to the link below.


Danielle Rodriguez said...

Hi there! I've read the update posted on 26Jan2013. The Foundations class is set for 2Feb2013 at Kieschnick gym, correct? Will all following classes take place at Harvey gym thereafter?

Natalia Black said...

Foundations class wore me out! Hopefully I'll be ready for the "real thing" Monday!

April J said...

@danielle, Yes all classes will be at Kieschnick Gym. in the back area.

Amy said...
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Bryan Kawika La Madrid said...

I did a foundations class back in december but due to work I had to give up alot of extra curricular stuff. Am I allowed to come back since i did the foundations clsss or do I need to wait for space to open up.

Francesca Caldwell said...

Hello! My husband and I are pcsing from eglin afb to fort hood in September. We are both crossfiting at a local box right now, and I am going for my level 1 in august. Just curious if we will still have to go to the foundations class? Or can we just jump in on the normal WODs? Thank you.

Mzsummerdawn said...

I went to the foundations class a year or so ago. I started doing Cross fit with another gym. Am I required to retake it or can I just come to class?

stew7611 said...

I came to fondations back in March, and was wondering if I would have to come to another one, due to not having been back since then.

Patricia Gonz said...

I know this is an old thread, But us this still going on? Definitely want try it out.

John Callahan said...

Patricia, Yes, Centurion is still going. We have a Foundations class 1April from 8:00-10:00am. You will need to attend this class prior to starting unless you have already attended one at another Box.

Keri Petersen said...

Have classes started up again? If so, when is the next foundations class?

Unknown said...

Is the next foundations class still on the 2nd of December?