Centurion CrossFit Fort Hood Coaches

Coach Tommy Sheahan

Tommy was a lacrosse player since childhood, he played one year at a Division 3 College in upstate New York where he grew up.  He found CrossFit his senior year of college and has been doing it since.  He worked out at CrossFit 607 before joining the Army and continued to do CrossFit at Fort Benning unaffiliated.  He got his took his Level 1 course in November of 2013, he then started working one on one with people at Fort Benning and really enjoyed coaching, when he arrived at Fort Hood he jumped at the chance to join the Centurion CrossFit community and continue coaching in a sport that he is passionate about.

 Tommy holds:
CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Coach Angela Depreo

Angela started CrossFit with her husband in 2012 while living in Missouri. Right away she noticed a huge increase in motivation to return, excitement to excel, and a quickly growing fitness level. Growing up she was always involved in some sort of physical activity from dance to soccer to track and field. As an adult she needed a fitness program that was more engaging and dynamic than just going to the gym a few times a week. CrossFit was it and shes never been more fit in my life. Her love of CrossFit grew even more when moving to Alabama. The other athletes at her new box became family and the box was home away from home. Angela's husband also got her to start participating in local competition with him! Before leaving Alabama Angela got her CrossFit Level 1 and started coaching. She wanted to be able to give back the time and energy that has been provided to her over the past two years by her wonderful CrossFit Coaches!

Angela holds:
CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Coach/Owner Jacob Shattuck

Jacob Started Crossfit in 2013 right here at Centurion Crossfit.  He immediately became a believer in the CrossFit system, and hasn't looked back.  After returning from deployment in 2016, he found that Centurion Crossfit was unable to run all its classes due to a shortage of coaching staff.  He decided that he would get his CrossFit Level 1 certification, and give back to the box that had helped him fulfill his fitness goals for so long.  Since that time he has taken ownership of the gym, and is working hard with the coaching staff to make Centurion a place where everyone can meet their fitness goals.  Jacob has an AAS as a Physical Therapist Assistant, and uses his background in musculoskeletal care to ensure athletes get the best workouts in the safest way possible. 
Jacob holds:
AAS Physical Therapist Assistant
CrossFit Level 1 Certification