Monday, January 15, 2018

Tuesday 16 January 2018

Due to weather we will be closed for 0515 class.

2 min jump rope
10 GHD sit ups
10 kip swings
10 jumping air squats
10 arm/leg swings

"Annie" -time to log another benchmark WOD!

"Gun Shop"
3 rounds, not for time
45/25# plate
10 bicep curls
10 tricep extensions
10 presses
10 bent rows
15 GHD back extensions without plate

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Monday 15 January 2018

Looking ahead this week:

Monday we are having 0515 and 1130. Would love to see you all there!

Tuesday-Friday we hope to have all classes. 0515 class, please keep checking back due to possible class cancellations this week and next.

Saturday - We have decided to change our main Saturday WOD to 1030 on every Saturday. In general, we will try not to make changes to this class time going forward.


10 high jumps
10s low jumps
10 jumping air squats
10 jumping jacks
10 slap jacks
10s high knees in place
10s butt kickers in place
10 burpees
10 wall balls
10 arm/leg swings all directions

10 reps every 2 minutes for 20 minutes
Squat cleans @ 50% 1RM

Friday, January 5, 2018

06 Jan 2018 Partner WOD

Note:  Class time will be 1030, due to foundations.

Coaches Choice (maybe enough people will show for me to do the warm up I want)


“The Hateful Eight”

8 rounds for time of: 8 Handstand Push-ups 8 Thrusters, 115/75 lbs 8 Toes-to-bars 8 Deadlifts, 245/155 lbs 8 Burpees 8 Kettlebell Swings, 70/53 lbs 8 Pull-ups 8 Push Jerks, 115/75 lbs

This is a partner WOD. Each athlete must complete a full round before switching. If the working athlete rests, the resting athlete must do burpees until they begin working again. Score is the total time to complete all 8 rounds

Saturday 06 Jan 2018 Foundations

It’s that time again.  Foundations class will be tomorrow morning at 0830 at our box in the 3 Corps motor pool.  Directions can be found here at the blog or on our Facebook page.  Please dress in workout attire, bring a water source and be ready to sweat.  Also, we do not have a rest room at our box, and the nearest one is at Grey Wolf gym on 58th street.  Please try to take care of any bathroom issues prior to coming.  We will break halfway for those with smaller than usual bladders.  If there any questions please email us at See you all tomorrow!

Coach Jake (from State Farm)

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Friday 05 Jan 17


Coaches Choice


3x2 Misfit Snatch Complex
 Misfit Snatch complex is 1 squat snatch, 1 overhead squat, 1 hang squat snatch, 1 overhead squat.  Your hands must remain on the bar for the whole complex, and it must be completed in sequence.  Watch this demonstration.


“The Centurion Shuffle”

This is a Fight Gone Bad style workout.  Your score is total reps for each movement.

5 rounds, 1 min per station, of:
Box Jump, 24/20 in Overhead Squat, 95/65 lbs Ring Push-up Double Under Rest 1 min

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Thursday 04 Jan 2018

Sorry for the late post.  Hope it’s worth it. I decided to steal Angela’s idea since she hadn’t posted it yet.  But at least I’m giving her the credit, right?


5 shuttle sprints
1 lap Carioca
1 lap inchworm

2 rounds

10 pvc thrusters
10 kip swings
10 hollow rocks

10 unbroken DU


KARANNIE V2 (Karen + Annie)

For time:

100 Wall Balls 20/14 lbs
100 Double Unders (3-1 singles)
100 abmat sit ups

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Wednesday 03 Jan 2018


50 double Unders

3 rounds

5 Banded good morning
2 Wall walks
5 push ups
5 air squats


Death by Handstand Push Up (I know, I’m on a death by tear)


State Farm Special


Deadlift 225/185lbs
Ring Dips