Monday, September 30, 2013

October 1st: The Government may shut down, but the BOX doesn't!!

Centurions participating in Barbells for Boobs on Saturday, if you haven't already please check CenTex's website ( for your heat time. 

Below is a note from CENTEX organizer Stacie Wood reference this weekend's B4B event. Please do all to support their requests to help make the event first class as always. As always, Centurions will linkup at a designated location (Maybe Starbucks in HH or at our box at 0800) and arrive together at about 0830. Hope everyone can still make it. It will be an awesome event!
First of all THANK YOU ALL for joining us to raise funds for Barbells for Boobs! What an amazing job everyone is doing!!
Tour Stop #4 is up to $15,000 in donations at the moment! Can’t wait to find out where it stands after Saturday. 
Just a few things to know for B4B this Saturday:
1) Parking- Schoepf’s has asked (FIRMLY) that there be NO B4B parking in the restaurant parking lot to allow for parking for their other customers. There is plenty of parking at the Bell County Annex building on Muelhouse. This is the street that runs along side Schoepf’s and the annex is just past it. We will have signs will be easy to find.
2) Food- Schoepf’s does sell breakfast and they will sell BBQ outside at lunch along with beer & water.
3) SILENT AUCTION & T-SHIRTS- We will have some great baskets up for auction again this year and event tshirts for sale. Money made from both of these will go straight to Barbells for Boobs. CASH OR CHECK payments will be accepted for these. We may be able to take credit, but did have difficulty when cell reception went out last year, so cash & check are your safest bets!
4) Sign in will begin at 8:00 am, please have your athletes check their heat #/ time and know it for sign in. 
You can check this on our website
Any one NOT already in a heat will have a chance to get in one of the remaining heats in a first come, first serve manor Saturday morning. I do recommend that those planning to do so get there early to ensure they get on the list. I don’t foresee running out of time for everyone to go but I can’t make a guarantee. 
See you soon!

Warm up:
Repeat 2X:
500 m row/400 m run
15 GHD sit ups
15 wall balls
15 toes to bar

Should we try these next?

GHD Sit ups
Wall ball (20/14) (10'/8')
Toes to bar

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