Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Wednesday Sept. 4th: T-Rex hates wall balls

Warm Up
2 rounds:
500 m row/400 m run
15 air squats
15 wall balls
15 pull ups

15-20 minute Goat work: 
What's your Goat? 
(Click HERE for a great explanation of a Goat)
Pick one movement that you hate to see in a WOD. Record your starting ability, for example: 5 double unders in a row, 400 m run time, kipping/butterfly/strict pull ups. 
We will give you time one day a week over the next 3 weeks to work on that skill. On October 2nd, we will give you time to re-test yourself and see how much you've improved! 

Wall balls (target: 10 ft/9 ft) (20/14)
Pull ups

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