Sunday, September 22, 2013

Monday September 23rd: Now and Then

Congratulations to Team Centurion for winning the first Annual Battle of the Warriors Competition!! 

Warm up:
500 m row/400 m run
Burgener warm up
15 hang cleans with PVC/15# bar
15 burpees

20 unbroken back squats at around 60% of your 1 rep max
You cannot re-rack the bar and should not rest for minutes at a time.


10 rounds 
(with a new round starting every 3 minutes)
12 calorie row
12 hang cleans (115/75) (105/65) (95/55)
10 burpees

This is a repeat of the WOD we did on 22 July. Look back in your WOD books and compare your score then to now

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