Monday, January 31, 2011

Tuesday's WOD & the don't panic button

First, no one panic! I understand there are currently some issues with equipment and quality trainers; it will get resolved! Remember, nothing significant is ever easy; it takes work and there are inevitably missteps. The Centurion CrossFit community is strong and this is merely a hiccup. I will be back next week and will work to get the situation resolved - Foundations will resume and I hope to get CF Kids back in some form as well. There are Level 1 trainers coming back with me to help with classes. I have been training people here in Iraq for the last year and several are ready to get their Level 1 cert under their belt and help at the box.

Great things are on the horizon - Sectionals are coming up and we have people working hard to qualify for individual competition and team competition; we will register to host the events each week and make an event out of it! We have the CrossFit Endurance cert in April, Greg Amundson's Goal Setting Seminar (which is free) and I am talking to Coach Burgener about an Olympic Lifting Cert in early April. Lots of opportunities to grow as athletes and trainers!! Plus, Greg Glassman has expressed and interest in visiting the box this spring! - you won't want to miss an opportunity to meet Coach!

So, everyone just hang in there, have some patience and get ready to do bigger and better things in 2011 than we have ever done!

Tuesday's WODs:
Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Games Competitors:
Deadlift (225#/155#)
OHS (135#/95#)

T M-u:
Pick two goats and and do a 4-minute tabata on each – 2-minute rest between goat tabatas


Jose said...

Thanks Don:
It was very hard to see the Box empty today...i know it's a hiccup, and i have faith that everything will be taken care of.

Nick said...

I'm very upset about not being able to be around for all the greatness coming up. You've got some great things lined up for some awesome people. I sure hope it all is well received and people really see just how great Centurions are. I'll be keeping up the best I can from downrange!

cjhoekje said...

Thanks Don!! This is very encouraging!! We all look forward to your return.

Nick said...

Metcon- 12:30

Overhead squats are such a weakness!

No tabata due to work.

Sean said...


Tabata Handstands (vs Wall)
Tabata GHDSU (8)

Better start bringing your A-game Nick...

Jose said...

METCON: Kicked the living shit out of that pig.....7:56....Deadlifts and OHS.....Unbroken.

Mash ups Ring Dips and Toe to Bar.

herkimer fam said...

I wish I could also be there for all the goodies coming up. The centurian crossfit community is one of the best around. Keep up the great work folks!

CaryAnn said...

I am new to the area, and have taken the foundations class yet only been to class once :( I look forward for what's to come as a motivation to join what seems to be an awesome community!