Wednesday, October 16, 2013

17 OCT 2013 - "Row for your life"

Check out this Rowing video for technique improvement

5 rounds of
1000 m row (1:1 work:rest) (Beginners should scale to 500 meter row)


5 rounds (not for time)

20 GHDs (Scale to Ab-Mat Sit-ups)
20 back extensions (Scale to Good mornings with a #15, 30, or #45 bar depending on the skill level)

Half the class will do GHDs and Back Extensions and the other half will do the Rowing WOD.  Since the GHD back extension group will finish first this group will conduct mobility work for from the Deadlift / Squat Poster.  T-Spine Smash, Banded Mobility from the rig.  Select a new mobility WOD from the poster you have never done.

400 meter run
Class will go long so continue warm-up while rowing or while doing the GHD / Back Extensions

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