Sunday, June 12, 2011

Monday's WOD

This is a bittersweet post. Tomorrow is my last day coaching at Centurion. The last two plus years have been wonderfully rewarding in so many ways. Not only have I had two great coaches to learn from, Don Clarkson and Dave Taylor, but I've worked along side other coaches who taught me so many wonderful things. It's been a relationship full of ups and downs; victories and disappointments. In the army we see so many of our friends come and go so rapidly that it can give a person whiplash but I have been honored to coach many soldiers, their spouses and their's been a blessing to have touched that many lives.

It's time for a new chapter, not only for this coach but for Centurion. Don and Dave started an amazing affiliate and I was nothing but humbled that I could "work" for them to further the fitness of so many athletes here at Fort Hood. We are headed to Fort Bliss this summer and I look forward to the next affiliate that I coach for however, I will always be a Centurion first!

Monday's WOD.....I wanted something simple in movement but overwhelming at first glance. It's one of my favorite!

For time:
Run 800m
100 Box jump burpees
Run 800m


centurion_crossfit forthood said...

We have been unbelievably fortunate to have had Jenn as part of our community! She is not only a great coach but a fantastic person, mom, wife and friend, as many of you know.

She has made Centurion CrossFit Fort Hood a better place, she has helped build a great community and her departure will truly be felt by all of us.

I just want to thank her for all she has done, all the personal time she has sacrificed and all the great training she has provided.

Wherever she goes, people will be lucky to have such a high quality trainer!

Jenn Kruse said...

Thank you so much Don, for everything! You have made me into a better coach and athlete. I can only hope that I have the wonderful opportunity to work for someone as dedicated and kick ass as you. You will forever be a big brother to me!

Forever I will hear "lower Jenn" on every wallball I do and I will always remember you believing in me enough to send me to Sectionals. Thanks D!!!!