Sunday, May 1, 2011


In 1999, I sat in meetings with the CIA and the topic was UBL. We were tracking him, and attempting to target him. We knew he was responsible for the 1998 Embassy bombings but little did we realize what he would end up being responsible for. Friends and colleges of mine had the opportunity to kill him prior to 9-11 but the NCA was too timid to make the call. Then 9-11 happened and the world changed. I spent several tours in Afghanistan and always preferred it to Iraq as I held AQ and the TB responsible for the loss of life in the US and I took great pleasure in my work there as I saw it as justified retribution.

FINALLY, US forces have turned out his lights. I hope he saw them coming, I hope he was afraid and begging for mercy and I hope he suffered. I hope a US Soldier was looking him in the eye, when he put a couple of rounds in his face.

I feel confident he will burn in hell for all eternity and I hope all the victims of his barbaric actions and those of his followers can sleep a little better tonight. God bless those who contributed to finding him and ending his life.

Please wake up Hassan and tell him his fucking hero is dead.

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